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#106 - Waiting Upon the Lord
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, God helps those who help themselves. We are in charge and You are our assistant. Your purpose is to help us rebels be who we want to be. Therefore, we need a different saying: "God helps those who surrender their lives to Him." You are in charge and we are Your assistants. You will give us what we need in life because we are working for You. When we walk with You, You will direct us and guide us to where we can best serve You. However, how do we know when You are telling us to act and when You are telling us to wait? Father, I believe You tell us to act through divine appointments and unexpected opportunities. You open doors by people suggesting projects, making requests, giving offers, or giving us referrals. However, when divine appointments and unexpected opportunities are absent, we are to wait upon the Lord. You are working behind the scenes. It is not time for the next step. We are to remain where we are, doing what you've already given us to do, waiting for You to act. Father, we need to surrender our lives to You. When we do, we enjoy the adventure of God working in our lives - sometimes leading and sometimes asking us to wait. Father, help me to surrender my life to You. Help me to wait when You call me to wait. Help me to act when You call me to act. Amen.

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