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#110 - Size of Universe and My Problems
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, it is estimated that the diameter of the observable universe is ninety-one billion light-years. One light-year is 5,878,499,810,000 miles. Isn't the size of the universe a little overkill on Your part? Isn't it like pouring the entire ocean on a campfire to quench it? How about a simple galaxy, God? What role does the vast size of the universe have in the life of someone who is suffering? The size of the universe is intended as comfort for us in our affliction. When we look up at the sky at night, seeing thousands of stars with our naked eyes, our tears flowing down our cheeks, we get a sense of how awesome You are. You can handle our problems. You have the power to do anything. Our problems do not intimidate You. They are minuscule. You aren't ten times bigger than us. You aren't 1,000 times bigger than us. You aren't one million times bigger than us. You aren't even a trillion times bigger than us. The size of the universe screams that You are infinitely bigger than us. What on earth am I worried about? That same God is handling my problems. Father, thank You. Thank You that You are not a puny god. You are the awesome God who is too great to be described by mere human words. My problems are nothing to You. Strengthen my faith and peace with that understanding. Amen.

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