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#112 - The Angels Like to See Us Suffer?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, angels watch what takes place on earth and they are amazed. They are amazed how You can take broken, insecure, and messed up people and turn them into men and women who resemble the Jesus Christ they worship. When the angels see a man or woman of extraordinary faith, they are amazed at the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. "Hey, can we see that again, God? Please. Please." Like small children gathered around a magician who does amazing tricks, angels love reruns of the incredible faith of human beings. You grant their request. The person of enduring faith has yet another season of difficulty in their life. They persevere once more and the angels applaud the Holy Spirit. Father, I would like the angels to be in awe of what You can do in my heart and mind. I'm willing to have You put on a show for them, using me as Your prop. I understand that may mean trouble. I ask that You keep my heart strong in faith and that I might never grumble, complain, or rebel from You. Help my life of faith to be a trick the angels like seeing You do repeatedly. Amen.

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