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#149 - I'm Having a Difficult Pregnancy
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I've been dreaming about having a baby since I was a little girl. The pregnancy. Showing. Maternity clothes. Glowing. Everyone talking about it. Getting the nursery ready. Buying baby clothes. I knew pregnancy and delivery weren't going to be easy. However, I never expected this. Severe morning sickness. High blood pressure. Gestational diabetes. Low amniotic fluid. Placenta previa. Iron deficiency. Low-birth weight. Premature labor. Hemorrhoids. This is my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. On top of it all, I'm having problems with my relationship with the baby's father. I'm not sure he's going to stick around, especially as my body blows up and I lose my figure. I had to stop working well before I expected to and I am financially struggling. I'm concerned about leaving the work world and what impact that will have on my ability to return to work. Yah. I'm pregnant. Father, I am calling out to You for help. Please protect my precious little baby. Keep the baby growing normally. May the baby have no birth abnormalities and have the full chance to lead a normal life. Father, please help my body to recover from this. I want to be fully healthy because the baby will need me. I ask that You do a miracle in my relationship with the father. Renew us. Restore us. Strengthen our bond. Encourage the baby's father to be responsible and to be a good daddy. I ask that You meet our needs financially and I will trust our future to You. Father, this pregnancy has made it obvious to me that I am clearly not God. You are. I surrender to You. Take over this mess and do the things You do - turn this into a testimony of Your transforming love that will inspire other ladies in the future. Amen.

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