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#151 - I Am Addicted to ________________
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there was a time I was drug and alcohol free. However, I felt very insecure. Perhaps I had a dysfunctional family. Perhaps I was struggling to get by. Perhaps I wanted simply to fit in with my peers in the neighborhood. Perhaps my parents or older siblings were addicted before I was. For whatever reason, there was that first experience with a narcotic. My body craved another and then another. As my body adjusted, I needed higher dosages to satisfy the craving. I became irresponsible and untrustworthy to my employer and others in my community. My life fell apart. Where did I turn to in my crisis? Drugs and alcohol. It became my escape from the pain of my body and life. I am spiraling out of control. Father, the root of my addiction is that I doubted You. I didn't think You could handle my problems. I turned for help to a false god - the drugs. They have proven what I should have known all along - they cannot save me. They are not a real god. They only make things worse. Father, no effort to fight my drug and alcohol addiction will work unless I surrender to You. I must confess that I am a rebel from God. I must ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross paid the price for my rebellion. He hung on the cross as if it was He who had the life of addiction that I have. He was the substitute for me. Father, I need to live for You. I need to switch allegiances here. I need to switch gods - from drugs to You. I need now to trust that You are God and the drugs are not. You are in control of my life and not the drugs. I need to depend upon You for all that I am and all that I need. Father, make me an example to all that You rescue those lost in addiction and You restore their lives. I will tell that story to everyone. Amen.

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