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#183 - I Lost My Pet
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am heartbroken. My pet has died. The grief is intolerable. She was my best friend. She was my faithful companion. There are so many wonderful memories of her. She was so cute and adorable. Father, why do we use words like cute? It is about innocence. Our pets our innocent. They show us love without condition. They are always happy to see us, even if nobody else is. They enjoy our time and attention. They enjoy our love. They cuddle up with us when we are hurting. They have an uncanny instinct to comfort at just the right times. Our pets ask only for food, water, cuddle time, and playtime. They don't have agendas or plans to leave us one day. They aren't going to hurt us. Many will run miles to save us or find us. Father, our pets show us what humans could be like if we truly loved one another. Our pets show us what humans could be like if we truly loved life. Our pets show us what humans would be like if we enjoyed the simple things, like a favorite stuffed animal. Father, we were created to be innocent. Innocence is adorable. Our rebellion took away our innocence. Father, a human who loves You, has an admirable character, loves other people, is thankful for blessings, and who treasures Your creation is adorable. That human already existed - Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is truly adorable. He is the epitome of cute, with no disrespect or dishonor intended. Father, I thank You that my pet reminded me that I need to become more like Your Son. Father, please help me heal from the deep pain I feel at her passing. Thank You for sharing her with me. Amen.

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