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#236 - I Fake It till I Make It
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, it has been said that we are who we think we are. The world tells me I can change my attitude and my belief systems by sheer willpower. However, I have learned that is false. Father, it is my spiritual nature that is the engine of my thought life. If I don't change my spiritual nature, I will never change my thought life. Thinking I am my own god creates a complete set of thoughts within my mind. Doubting Your character creates all kinds of negative feelings inside of me. Worshipping things other than You cloud my judgments. If I don't confess and repent of this rebellion, my thoughts and feelings can never be changed. I will continuously be anxious about my life no matter how many counselors I visit, medications I take, support groups I attend, and self-help books I read. There are not enough years in my life to meditate to change my thought and mind by pure willpower. Oh, I might use what the world calls spirituality to fool myself for a time or a season, creating some sort of mystical enchanted new thought life. However, it is a vapor and it will vanish. It is my relationship with You that needs to change. Father, I confess my rebellion. I confess my faithlessness. I confess my idolatry. Give me a new heart and mind, molded in the image of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, bring in the Holy Spirit and empower Him to change me. Father, I believe You will then bless me with a wonderful change of heart and mind that I don't have to fake. Amen.

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