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#295 - Remodeling Our Home
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we are thinking of remodeling our home. A spring cleaning. A fresh coat of paint. New carpets. New window treatments. New furniture. New decorations. New flowers and plants in the garden. A new kitchen. A new bathroom. A new addition. Father, is there an unknown line of Your will to cross in our decision process? If we wanted to spend $ 10 to remodel our home, we might think it safe to assume that amount is so trivial that it doesn't register on Your importance list. On the other hand, we are likely to think a $ 5 million investment in the remodeling of our home would certainly cause You to sit up and pay attention to what we are doing. Where is the line drawn? A certain amount? A percentage of our income? Our earnings-to-debt ratio? Father, I believe what You are looking for is our heart attitude. Why are we remodeling our home? Is it to create a cleaner and more refreshing environment for our family? Will the remodeling reduce stress in the home, perhaps enabling our children to have their own rooms? Will the remodeling help an elderly relative live with us so that we can care for them? Or, is the remodeling about making a good impression with others? Is the remodeling about glorifying ourselves? Father, we ask that You let us know what we don't necessarily know - what are our core motivations for this? If our motivations are rebellious, we don't want to invest in this remodeling. Father, we do understand that cramped living conditions may be an adversity You want us to continue to deal with. It may be a part of our character development. You may want us to invest our funds elsewhere, such as in supporting a local ministry. We don't know what the answer is. We are asking for You to tell us. Give us Your wisdom. Amen.

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