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#341 - Teaching Sunday School
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been asked to teach a Sunday School class. This is no small request. Anyone who takes on the responsibility of teaching Your Word must do so aware of the gravity of the task. I will be parsing the words of almighty God. I cannot misrepresent You. I cannot interject my own opinion or bias. I cannot be lazy in the process of preparation, transforming the class into a mere event on the calendar. People will look to me for understanding of Your Word and I will be held accountable for deliberately or carelessly misleading them. Father, if I take on this role, I am likely to make use of study guides. I cannot rely solely and carelessly on them. They were written by humans, humans who continue to struggle with rebellious hearts as do I. Father, I am a fool. I am ignorant. I am blind. I am biased. I am opinionated. I am a rebel in my sinful nature. I will misunderstand or misrepresent Your Word left to my own devices. I need Your divine wisdom. Open the Word to me in my preparation and in my delivery so that I speak the truths You intended. I fear this responsibility and it is good that I do. May Your Holy Spirit teach this course. Father, help me to grow emotionally and spiritually through the lessons that I prepare. Give me insight into the use of study guides, using only those that are true to Your voice. May I use Your Word as my primary source and may I certainly stay very clear of basing my presentation on human tradition or cultural trends. Thank You for this most sober of responsibilities. Amen.

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