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#343 - Participating in Local Outreach for My Church
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been asked to serve in an outreach ministry of my church. I thank You so much that my church has outreach ministries. I am convinced that You intend the local church to be Your instrument for cultural change and spiritual revival. How does a local church transform a community? By getting involved in the community. By serving the community. By building relationships. By sharing our testimonies. By loving people in crisis. Father, the unchurched will come into our church when they hear our story of how You transformed our lives. The unchurched will come into our church when they encounter our compassion, mercy, and generosity in their season of intense adversity. Therefore, it is an honor to be one of the messengers of hope from my church to the residents of my town. Father, help me to be faithful and devoted in this ministry. Help me to prepare my heart through prayer and the study of Your Word. Help me to exemplify the fruits of the Holy Spirit as I interact with my neighbors. Help me to be transparent and humble, sharing the story of how You rescued me. Help me to roll up my sleeves and do whatever menial task I need to do to speak love into broken lives. Father, please bless this outreach ministry and my involvement with it. Amen.

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