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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
72Stories, Gramazin Prayers for the World


#387 - Farmland
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You for farms, farmers, and the nutrition that sprout from the land. Apples. Asparagus. Barley. Beans. Broccoli. Cabbage. Carrots. Celery. Corn. Grapes. Herbs and spices. Lettuce. Onions. Oranges. Peppers. Potatoes. Pumpkin. Radish. Rice. Sorghum. Soybeans. Squash. Tomatoes. Watermelon. Wheat. Zucchini. You created all kinds of vegetation for humans to enjoy, food that is nutritious for our bodies. The farm reminds us that You are the God who loves planting seeds. You love growth. You love harvest. You love nutrition. Father, You love planting the seed of spiritual renewal in our hearts. You love watering that seed through adversity and helping us experience character growth. You love when our lives are ready for ministry. You love when our lives have a positive impact on other lives. Father, may the farm, with its fields, streams, fences, silos, and barns, remind me that I am here in life to grow and bear fruit. You are the farmer and I am Your crop. Father, make my character delicious and nutritious for others. Amen.

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