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#389 - Visiting the Village
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, this is a beautiful and charming little village. It lies in a rural region where two roads intersect along a river. There isn't a traffic light to be seen. A cluster of houses huddle together, surrounding a well-manicured pasture. A few isolated houses join the landscape on the roads and the country lanes just outside of the village. There is a functioning general store that is itself an antique from Americana. If You need something in this town You go to Your neighbor who perhaps serves as the librarian, the postmaster, and the cemetery caretaker. Father, there is something about intimacy in small community that we humans still long for. We can travel around the globe in 24 hours. Thanks to the Internet, we can know in seconds about things going on in every city and country around the globe. However, we don't know our neighbors. They are strangers to us. We end up feeling alone. We don't feel like part of a community, a place where we can feel the warmth of relationships and the joy of mutual sharing and caring. Father, this visit to this village is reminder that I need to get to know my neighbors. I need to get involved in my hometown. I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ who avoids the people around me, save for a wave and the smile I give as I ride my lawn tractor on a summer day. Father, You have given me the capacity to love others. You have given me the fruits of the Holy Spirit, including compassion, generosity, mercy, kindness, and goodness. Why aren't I sharing those character traits with my neighbors up and down my street? Father, make me a good neighbor this very day. Amen.

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