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#549 - My Loved One is Joining the Military
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am so proud of my loved one. They have joined the military. They have pledged to defend our country and our freedoms. They are willing to be called to serve in war zones. They know they could be wounded or killed. They know they could be a target of those who hate our country. They run the risk of being killed or treated cruelly if they are taken captive by our enemies. They may be ridiculed and rejected by their neighbors who do not like the military. Father, they do all this courageously despite their fears. They know they could die in the line of duty. It concerns them just like it concerns us. However, they serve despite the risks to life and limb and that is brave. I'm so proud of their bravery. I thank You for their courage. Father, how can their courage inspire me? What risks can I take, stepping out in faith, to protect or defend the innocent in my community? Father, as an honor to their military service, show me how I can serve courageously right in my hometown. May I serve people in need close to my home while my loved one serves in the military. Please protect him or her emotionally, spiritually, and physically wherever they are sent around the globe. May their character and their faith grow. May they mature, becoming a model citizen and an honored and distinguished veteran. Please bring them home safely at the end of their term of service. May they then feel respected and appreciated for their service to our country. May I serve them in gratitude for their service to me. Amen.

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