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#105 - Where is My Miracle?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I had so many hopes and dreams. I had expectations for a far better life. I was going to enjoy love, success, prosperity, purpose, and meaningfulness. However, my life is a great disappointment. I can't smile. My sadness is evident to everyone I pass. My tears flow in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Are You against me? Why did You never answer my prayer? You wouldn't release me from my misery. Where is my miracle? Father, I had to get to a point of such severe grief and sorrow that I would finally, finally, finally cry out "Change me, God." Father, You heard my cry and, the loving God that You are, You set in motion events that would open my eyes to the cause of my sorrow. It was my heart that needed to change, not my circumstances. It took time for me to learn I am a rebel from You. It took time for me to learn I want to be my own god. It took time for me to learn that I doubt Your goodness. It took time for me to learn that I believe certain conditions occurring in my life will bring me joy. As I learned these truths over time, I experienced a growing peace of mind. I knew what was wrong with me. The more things made sense spiritually, the more my sadness lifted. Father, the recipe to end sadness is surrender to You. It is confession of rebellion. It is a desire to walk obediently before You. I am convinced that You are eager to bring miracles into our lives. A miracle is the destiny for those who surrender their lives to You and trust in Your goodness. Father, I want to stop being sad. Please help me surrender and repent of my rebellion from You. Amen.

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