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#114 - God's Sovereignty and Our Freedom of Choice
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, You know every action I have ever taken. You know every thought I have ever had. You know every preference and value that I have. You know every emotion I have ever felt. You know every relationship I have ever had. You know every conversation I have ever been involved in. You watched and took notes of how I responded to other people's words and behaviors. You have watched how I have responded to situations and circumstances in my life. You know my patterns, tendencies, and inclinations. In other words, to You, I am extremely predictable. You can predict my next move with 100% accuracy. You know what I would do in situations I've never been in before. In other words, You don't need to put me into a situation to know exactly how I will respond in that situation. You can figure that out with precision in Your awesome mind. Father, everything is perfectly predictable to You. You know what I will choose and You make plans accordingly. Father, I have never lost my free will. I cannot exercise my free will thought life without Your knowledge of it. Nothing is hidden from You. Father, I have the free will to live as though I am my own god, to doubt Your character, and to worship other gods. You have the free will to orchestrate events in my life to put me into the best position where I will choose to confess my rebellion and repent. You bring into my life the adversities I need to encourage me to want to be in relationship with You. It's always my free will. But it's also always Your sovereignty. You put me in places, in Your sovereignty, where You know I will decide I need You. Thank You. Amen.

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