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#116 - Do I want my prayers answered today?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, on the day I was born You saw me take my final breath in the nursing home. You see me as a newborn baby and as an aging senior citizen at the same time. You see every age between. You know what I will ask of You before I do because You are already interacting with me in the future. You are already hearing all the prayers that I will offer ten years from now. You are already answering them. That is amazing. The prayer I offer today is being compared by You against prayers I will be offering thirty years from now. Perhaps my values will change and my future prayers are essentially contradicting my current prayers. You can see me in perfection. You can see me with 100 percent wisdom and understanding. You can see me without any need, fear, or anxiety. My prayers today are competing with my prayers in eternity. My eternal self may be thanking You that You didn't relent, that You kept on doing the good work You are doing in my present suffering. In the past, I have asked You for delivery from a painful trial. Later, years later, I thank You for that trial. I know I'm better off for it. Father, thank You for hearing my prayers in the past, in the present, and in the future simultaneously. I thank You for saying no to my prayer requests of today that I will be grateful you declined when I have my future perspectives. You are awesome. Amen.

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