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#121 - It Really Is My Fault
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have rebelled from You. I did it my way. I put myself on the throne of my life. I doubted You and looked for anything or anyone but You to be my god. I ignored Your counsel, rejected Your resources, and declined Your protection. I messed up my life. Am I now going to blame You? Why didn't You cater to every whim of my rebellion? Why didn't You let me do whatever I wanted to do? Why didn't everyone else around me live for my pleasure? Don't they understand they exist to make my life the best it can be? Father, there are certainly two signs I am living to be my own god - when I am blaming You or when I am blaming anyone else for my situation. Father, You are a loving God. That means You are also going to be a God who disciplines me. You are going to put up roadblocks and obstacles as I travel down the road of rebellion. Are these the obstacles I'm now blaming on You? Father, I thank You for consequences when I choose to rebel from You. It is Your way of driving me back into Your arms. Father, I've messed up my life by rebelling from You. It is my fault and the fault of no one else. Please forgive me. Amen.

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