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#123 - I Feel Boxed In - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I feel boxed in. Trapped. Confined. Limited. Held back. Restricted. Imprisoned. Chained. The walls have closed upon me. I cannot move. Father, I'm in a situation in life I cannot escape no matter how hard I try. I am powerless to change my circumstances. I lack resources, connections, and expertise. I am in prison emotionally. Help. Father, You are the sunny day, apple pie, and refreshing drink God. "Praise God" we shout when our lives are good. However, when our lives fall apart, we tuck You away in a corner and try to fight all the fires and survive on our own. Circumstances have a way of revealing where our heart is. If life gets stormy and my relationship with You suffers, I've learned something about my core beliefs. If life gets stormy and my relationship with You grows, I've learned something about my core beliefs. However, my circumstances should not dictate the intensity of my love or devotion to You. My heart continues to beat and my lungs continue to breath whether or not I'm experiencing good times or bad times. My relationship with You should be the same. Breathing You in every minute of every day will bring me the peace and joy I desire. I will know contentment. I will not feel boxed in. You are with me in the open air and You are with me in a closed box. You are with me and my heart leaps for joy. If I treasure my daily relationship with You, I will never truly feel boxed in by anything. While the universe is too small to contain You, You can be very present in the smallest box imaginable. Father, help me fall deeply in love with spending time with You every hour and I will never feel trapped by anything again. Amen.

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