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#135 - I Was Shot
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I want to thank You that I am still alive. Thank You that my wounds weren't fatal. I ask You to heal my body. I ask that You give the doctors and nurses the skill to prescribe and deliver the most effective treatments for my full recovery. I thank You for the medical technologies that are assisting in my recovery. I thank You for the compassion of the health care workers at my side. Please bless each one. May they enjoy a walk with their God who loves them so much. Please provide for my medical expenses. Please help me heal emotionally from the trauma of this experience. Father, restore to me my ability to love You with all my heart and soul and to love my neighbors as myself. Transform this traumatic experience into a testimony that brings people closer to You. As for the shooter, if he or she has deceased, I pray Your mercies and grace upon his or her family. If the shooter is still alive, may their wounds heal. May they come to faith in Jesus Christ through this experience. May I embrace them one day and demonstrate total forgiveness. If they are unremorseful, may justice be served - swiftly and with strength - so that they may be brought to a place of repentance. Father, I ask for Your blessings on the other innocent victims of this shooting and their loved ones. May each one experience miraculous physical and emotional healing. May Your people encircle each one who suffers because of this and overwhelm them with the love of God. Amen.

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