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#138 - I Am a Foster Child
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am a foster child. My parents had their children taken away from them. My siblings and I have been forced into the foster care system. DFS and CYF are departments of government that I'm sorry to say I know all too well. Why did this have to happen to me? I no longer have a family. I've lost touch with my brothers and sisters. I feel so alone. What will my foster parents be like? Will they be kind or abusive? Will their family accept or reject me? How long will I be placed with them? Should I bother building a relationship with them at all? My time with them may be very short. They may not want to deal with me for very long. How can I protect myself from getting hurt any further? What skeletons are in this family's closet? Will they let me use their stuff because I have no possessions? What if I like this family but then must say goodbye? What happens next? A group home? How will I fit in? How am I going to get spiritual, emotional, and financial stability? Who is going to teach me about life? Who is going to give me opportunity? How can I ever escape the social stigma of being a foster child? How do I deal with the reality my parents signed away their rights to me? Why can't I have the same rights as the other children in the home? Which family will adopt me? I am a teenager. Father, is it any wonder I have emotional and behavioral problems? All I know is that I am not god. I'm being pushed around the system and I have no control over it. Father, I need the true living God to rescue me. Heal me from all the damage this has caused me. Please, bring a loving godly family into my life that will commit to my stability, my spiritual transformation, and my emotional healing. In the meantime, help me through this day and keep me safe in the system. Amen.

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