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#145 - I Am Disabled from a Work Injury
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I went to work one day taking my life for granted. I assumed my spouse, children, house, job, and health would always be there. However, on that day, a machine failed and I was injured. I turned my back to lift a box and I was injured. A co-worker was careless and I was injured. Now, I cannot work. I cannot walk, hold, grasp, bend, stoop, run, or carry. I cannot see or hear clearly. I cannot speak. I cannot type. I cannot sit at the computer. I cannot drive. I am not in physical condition to earn a paycheck. Father, I need Your mercy. I need to earn a living. Workmen's compensation and disability pay is not enough. Besides, I want to work. I don't want to be disabled. Father, this situation is proof that I am not god. I cannot fix this situation on my own. I cannot snap my fingers and restore my body and return to work. This situation is a blessing from You in that it wakes me up spiritually. I've gone through life as though I am in control. I do as I please without giving any thought to You. However, You have now made it very clear that I am totally dependent upon You. Forgive me for my rebellion. I surrender my life to You. Show me a way to serve and honor You as a disabled person. Thank You for waking me up spiritually. Father, Your will be done. I ask that it be Your will that I can heal and return to work. You are God and You can make that happen. Amen.

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