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#152 - I Was Sexually Violated
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I was sexually abused. I feel violated. Taken advantage of. I've lost my sense of dignity. I feel like an inanimate object. I don't feel human. I was someone's object of pleasure. My thoughts, feelings, perspectives, identity, rights, goals, dreams, and emotions were disregarded. My violator wanted what he or she wanted and that was all that mattered. No emotional intimacy. They felt it was fine to defile, disgrace, and conquer me if their sexual needs were met. I felt like an animal in their barn. Father, I was created in Your image. I was created with dignity and honor. I was created to be respected. Their heart should have shouted "Father, how can I help them be the person You want them to be? How can I help them feel they are loved by You?" The person made me feel useless, worthless, and hated by You. Father, I need You to restore my spiritual and emotional health. I need healing. I need to recover from this. Father, I am not my own god. I couldn't protect or defend myself. I need You to be the true God of my life. Restore my sense of honor and dignity. I am made in Your image. Make my story a testimony of Your grace and healing. May I surrender my life to You. Restore my sexuality. I don't want this to effect private time with my spouse. May my sexual activity always grow out my emotional intimacy with my partner. Amen.

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