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#157 - I'm an Illegal Alien
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there is a concert at a stadium that holds sixty thousand people. There are one million people who want to go to the concert. What prevents the stadium from being overwhelmed by a sea of chaos and people fighting for the best seats? People know they must buy a ticket to get past the gate. There are only sixty thousand tickets sold. Everyone without a ticket understands it is a waste of time to show up. They'll have to get their own ticket the next time. Father, our hearts are corrupt. Every human being is naturally self-centered. We are all little gods crawling on each other to reach the mountain top. You understand that the world would be nothing but anarchy if there was not law and order. Thank You for traffic lights and the police officers who will pull drivers who ignore red lights. Father, life is difficult in my native country. War. Poverty. Sickness. Crime. Corruption. Violence. Political instability. I know how great this country is. I heard about the freedoms and the wealth. I heard how the government has programs to help the poor. There is political stability here. Other members of my family are already here. I certainly don't want my children to grow up in my native country. I felt desperate. A group of us gathered to flee and we crossed the border in the night. Now I'm trying to blend in. I work under the table to make a living. However, I understand that if everyone from my native country did what we have done it would be like a sea of chaos at a concert at a stadium. You are the God of order. You are not the God of chaos and confusion. Processes exist in a society to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, that the people live safely and securely, and that there are enough resources for everyone. Processes are for the good of the larger community. Processes insure that self-minded individuals don't take advantage of others. Father, I ask for courage to do what is right for the natives of this great country. I want to be a man or woman of integrity and honor. I want to be a law-abiding citizen. I ask that you forgive me of my rebellion from You. Help me to surrender my life to You so that I will be a citizen that loves my neighbor. Father, help me to connect in this country with people who love You. May the result of my coming to this country be the spiritual transformation of my soul and the souls of my beloved family. May I find and embrace Jesus Christ in this wonderful nation. Amen.

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