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#160 - I am a Refugee
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, that was terrifying. We jumped onto a broken-down truck in the early hours of the morning. We sped along serpentine dirt roads to escape the war, violence, famine, disease, and the corruption of our native land. We were discriminated against by the authorities for our political beliefs, ethnicity, or faith. We are the faces of a humanitarian crisis, thousands of people who will die unless a compassionate nation somewhere offers us sanctuary. We have no homes and we are forced to live in refugee camps, a place with equally deplorable conditions. Father, what are we to do? Resign ourselves to be victims? Or, can we have hope for a safer and more secure life in a stable country? Father, we are all refugees in this world. We are all seeking a place where we are loved, respected, and treated with dignity. We are all seeking a place where we have full opportunity. We are all looking for a place of peace and security. We won't find it in this world. This is a world where eight billion little gods like me compete to be king of the hill. We live and reign in every country. Father, I will not find a home until I find peace with You. Forgive me of my rebellion. I have lived to be my own god. I have doubted You. I have worshipped other gods. I need forgiveness. I believe Jesus Christ paid the penalty for my rebellion on the cross. I am now a citizen of Your Kingdom. There will be an eternal country for me - God's country. In the meantime, I ask that You give us a home to live in where we have freedom to worship You. In my appreciation for my new home, I will embrace their laws and their culture and make a positive contribution to their society. Amen.

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