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#17 - I Don't Want to Hear About Evil
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I can't stand it when people use the word evil. If I admit evil exists, I must admit there is good. If good exists, there must be a source for that good. Therefore, if I believe evil exists, I am confirming a good God exists as well. If He exists, I must trust in His goodness. Conversely, if I believe in Your goodness, I must also believe in evil. There are no short people if there are no tall people. The descriptions have no meaning without a contrast. There can be no good God if I deny the existence of evil. Those who deny evil are affirming they do not want a good God who will hold them accountable. Ironically, their attitude is evil. Father, there is evil. I admit it. I believe in the spiritual world and spiritual warfare. Protect me from evil. Help me to confess and repent from my own evil ways. Help me to be more aware of the spiritual realities in this world and may that awareness lead me to daily dependence on You. Amen.

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