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#171 - I'm Having a Medical Test
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am having a medical test. It's a blood test. MRI. Colonoscopy. X-ray. ECG. Urine. Spinal tap. I am nervous. What will the tests discover? What horrible disease do I have? Will my life be shortened? Will it mean imminent death? Or, is it nothing, a mere temporary inconvenience that can be easily treated? Father, we humans fear the unknown. We imagine all the what-if horror stories. We don't believe You are really going to be there for us. We must handle the crises ourselves. Our fears and anxieties prove our doubts about You. We prepare ourselves for bad news and worst-case scenarios. We are our own gods. Few things test the state of our spiritual health more than a scary medical test. Do we doubt God will carry us through? Do we have to brace ourselves for the news? Our faith is not strong. Perfect faith knows that God will get us through anything and everything. There is nothing to fear in a medical test. Father, help me have strong faith. Help me to have peace that no matter what the tests reveal You will see me through. Father, help me surrender my life to You. In so doing, I will not need to prepare myself for bad news. It's Your problem to deal with. Not mine. Amen.

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