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#180 - I Grew Up Poor
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I grew up poor. My family had to move from home to home. We had to rent. Sometimes we lived in the car. Once we huddled together under the overpass. It was mortifying. It was humiliating. I was so embarrassed to be a member of my family. I was jealous of my peers who always had a home, hot meals, nice clothes, and all the latest gadgets. My clothes were hand-me-downs that were stained and torn. My toys were broken when they were given to me. My family fought for survival. I could live a life of crime, stealing to obtain the things I never had. I could surrender myself to a lifetime of dependency on others, begging for charity. Or, I could surrender my life to You and allow the Holy Spirit to get to work. He will give me the traits I'll need to overcome my financial obstacles. Forgive me of my sin in the name of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my rebellion. Father, may the Holy Spirit give me the strength, perseverance, determination, hope, and thankfulness I need to work towards my financial recovery, one goal at a time. Father, may I praise Your name and live to show compassion to others. Such a man or woman You will honor and bless with the gift of financial recovery. Bring into my life generous and godly people to help me overcome my immediate crisis and teach me the skills I need for long-term stability. Amen.

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