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#182 - Obese
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am obese. People with a low body mass index are on billboards, magazines, the Internet, in the gym, and on the beach. They are in television shows and in films. They are praised and esteemed. Father, people think that men and women who are thin are somehow superior to those who struggle with weight. Father, I try to hide my weight but that effort is next to impossible. Therefore, I just stay home, isolated from others, ashamed of who I am. How did I get so heavy? It may be genetic. Obesity may run in the family. It may be the result of a medical condition or the medicine I take to treat a medical condition. I may have been abused earlier in life and I find comfort through food. My family culture may celebrate food. I may be heavy because food has become my god. If that is the case, please forgive my rebellion. Father, no matter what crisis we deal with in life, the healing begins with confession and repentance. Please forgive me of my rebellion that I may have the character qualities, such as perseverance and self-control, that I need to get into shape. Please heal me of scars that I treat by eating food. Please help me to afford competent healthcare professionals who can help me manage my diseases and medications. Please help me to have a beautiful character, someone whom others long to spend time with. Father, I know You can do all things, helping me lose weight or helping me be at peace with the shape of my body. Amen.

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