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#192 - I Need a Role Model
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, who is modeling Jesus Christ? Who in the 21st century, in my community, is living their life like Him? Who is not deeply broken and insecure? Who doesn't mess up their life? Who has understanding and insight? Who has wisdom? Who models character traits like hard work, perseverance, courage, faith, integrity, love, joy, and peace? Father, I need an example to follow. A living and breathing human being who shows me how to live my life. Father, I hear You telling me that I need to focus on being the role model others need. I can become this role model by confessing my rebellion and to repent of it. Once that occurs, You will transform me into the example You want others to follow. Let's do this, Father, so that others can look to me as a role model of faith. Father, forgive me of my rebellion, my doubting of Your character, and my idolatry. Amen.

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