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#22 - Mother Nature
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, it is bizarre. We attribute intelligent design, acts of the will, and emotional displays of raw power and might to Mother Nature. Why do we do that? We do that to deny design, acts of the will, and emotional displays of raw power by, uh, hmmm, You. It is alright to refer to acts of Mother Nature but it is not alright to refer to acts of God because only a fool believes You exist. Are we nuts? We find comfort in believing there is a supernatural force who can prevent, reduce, redirect, or scale back natural disasters. However, we still want to be our own gods. We live each day for our own pleasure and purposes. We define truth for ourselves. How can we believe in a God who controls nature but does not make demands of us? We replace Him with a powerful grand mom god-figure. Grand mom doesn't tell us that we aren't little gods. Grand mom treats us like we are. She gives us cookies and treats. She tells us how good we are. Father, help me not to refer to Mother Nature anymore. I am using the language of rebellion from You. The true living God not only controls nature but He also holds me accountable for how I've lived my life. Amen.

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