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#239 - Help Me Be More Self-Controlled
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I lack self-control. I do or say whatever comes to my mind. It is arguably the ultimate expression of rebellion from You. I trust the thought processes in my head so completely that I don't need to stop and think them through. My emotions? Perfect. My reasoning? Divine. If I think or feel it, it must be valid. Father, self-control is really a form of worship of You. It is an acknowledgement that my thought processes need to be supervised. Maybe that emotion I just felt isn't right. Maybe the action I feel like taking isn't such a good idea. Maybe I need to be careful, given I have the tendency to make bad decisions. What are the consequences? What are the pros and cons? Who will be impacted by what I do or say? What is the best thing I can do at this moment for others? What honors You? This kind of mature thinking is an admission of my own propensity to make mistakes in judgment. It's an admission I am not god. Father, help me to be more self-disciplined and self-controlled. Amen.

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