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#255 - I Work from Home
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we are held accountable when we are in the company of others. We don't do the things we do alone because we don't want to be caught. I might hate going to work but I'm spending eight hours being watched by others. The review of my peers keeps me in line. There is another benefit of working with others: I get to practice the fruits of the Spirit. I need to relate each day with difficult people if I'm going to become more loving, compassionate, generous, gracious, merciful, kind, patient, and long suffering. Father, I work alone at home. This presents a different challenge for my spiritual growth. Can I overcome temptation without somebody looking over my shoulder? How can I love difficult people without being face-to-face with them? Father, I need You to help me overcome temptation. You are watching me always. Give me a heart and mind that only thinks of godly things. I need You to help me be productive when there are the distractions of the television, the Internet, unfinished chores, online games, and the refrigerator. Help me to know how to balance my life, ending my work day at a reasonable time. There is such a temptation to work all day and all night without the boundary of a workplace to leave at 5 pm. Father, help me to find ways to get out of the house. Meetings. Getting involved in ministries at the church. Volunteering at a charity. Getting involved in the neighborhood. May I be a man or woman of God while I work from home. Amen.

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