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#267 - May the Pests in My Life Have No Impact
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, mosquitos. Ticks. Gnats. Flies. Mice. Rats. Ants. Bed bugs. Cockroaches. Beetles. Spiders. Moths. Crickets. Termites. A leaking faucet. Annoying brothers and sisters. Bullies at school. Road raging drivers who give me the middle finger. Supervisors who find fault in everything I do. Neighbors who don't turn down the volume on their music. Pests. Their sole purpose is to try our patience, to push and derail our spiritual train from the tracks. Our enemy does not want us to prosper in our relationship with You. He does not want our testimony to be the light on the hill that leads others to confession, repentance, and surrender. He annoys us day after day and he is very good at it. He has a trick and it works. He doesn't give us the big things that are so obviously from him, things we stop and bring before You. He gives us an abundance of tiny annoying things (things that don't seem to have his signature on them). These are the things that wear us out. It's not the punch in the gut from a classmate. It's the classmate that touches our arm softly 200 times in succession that makes us snap. Father, help me to identify the pests in my life that are from him. Help me to brush them away with a smile on my face. Father, defeat my enemy and all his sorry little pests. May my peaceful, patient, and long-suffering spirit be really annoying to him. Amen.

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