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#280 - I'm Panicking
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the earth is crumbling. The mountains are crashing into the sea. The sun and moon are darkening and the stars are falling to the earth. Zombies are on the loose. The bogeyman is hiding behind the door. In short, I feel like the problems in my life are about to destroy me. Financial crisis. Health crisis. Legal crisis. Relationship crisis. Regardless of what it is, it will be catastrophic. Intolerable. Inconceivable. Unlivable. So, here I am, running for the hills. I'm fleeing into the night. Help. Where are You, Father? Well, You are clearly not in my belief system. If I believed You are who You claim to be, I wouldn't be panicking. If I believed You are who You claim to be, I could be at peace. No matter how insane this world and my life get, You are there. Sovereign. All-powerful. All-knowing. All-loving. All-wise. Just. I need to trust in You, as my heavenly Father, like a child trusts in his daddy. A good dad is the great protector and provider, so good at what he does the child can play in the backyard without a care in the world. Father, You are the perfect Daddy. I need to have childlike faith in You, believing that everything will be alright because You are watching over me and caring for me. Father, this faith comes from being in Your Word, devoting myself to prayer, and being obedient to You. You are faithful to reward those who trust in You with the gifts of peace and joy, no matter how scary life gets. Father, please be my Daddy and may the moments of panic never come again. Amen.

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