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#283 - I Am Immature
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am immature. I am focused on myself. I cannot control my actions. I do whatever comes to mind. I blame others for what I do. I lie to get out of trouble. I hurt others so they won't hurt me first. I need to be the center of attention. People must do what I want them to do or I will have a tantrum. Father, I never grew up. I never had the kind of parents who guide a child lovingly and masterfully from childhood to adulthood. I never had an example of how a mature adult behaves. My friends are like me, an assembly of adolescents in big-people's bodies. Father, bring an example of godly maturity into my life. Bring me godly mentors and accountability partners. Father, yes, bring me even Your loving discipline in the form of adversity and walk with me through every mile of that struggle. Groom my character. Teach me. Mold me into spiritual and emotional maturity. Father, pure rebellion, where I am my own god, looks a whole lot like immaturity. Me, me, me. Father, make me mature. You, You, You. Amen.

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