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#285 - Give Me Analytical Skills
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have accumulated information. Data. Statistics. Numbers. However, that does not mean that I understand the conclusions I should have from that information. To discern a trend or to draw a conclusion accurately from data is a skill and I'm asking for that skill. Father, we live in a culture where information is reported along with editorial analysis. The media reports a baseball player's batting average is .268. They also report the player's batting average is declining. They can't fight the urge to editorialize, to express their expert opinion. They will list the reasons the player's performance at the plate is changing and what the team should do about it. Father, this is true in education, government, politics, business, and entertainment. Humans love to analyze information and to interpret the meaning of the information. However, information can be interpreted in many ways. While the baseball player's overall batting average is declining, his performance at the plate when men are in scoring position is extraordinary. Instead of assessing that the player may need to be traded because of his overall decline at the plate, he sounds like the man to have up at bat when men are in scoring position. Father, You have given us humans tremendous ability to gather data. However, it may be a rare person who can analyze data and come to the correct conclusions. Father, give me the ability to analyze information correctly. Don't let me spout about my opinion at the Thanksgiving dinner table when I've got it all wrong. Since I may not be certain my analysis is correct, may I learn to keep my mouth closed when family members debate whether to trade a baseball player. Amen.

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