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#287 - The Approaching Storm - Crisis
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the storm clouds look ominous. Dark. A sinister collage of colors are passing overhead, escorted by gusts of wind. The percussion of thunder is getting closer. As I stand helpless against this display of Your mighty power, I ponder the absurdity that I would dare rebel against You. A fallen leaf challenging the wind. This storm is a trial in my life. A season of suffering. A time of adversity. Father, forgive me for my rebellion, trying to be my own god. Forgive me for my faithlessness, doubting Your character. Forgive me for my idolatry, worshipping anything other than You. May this storm pass by without destroying me. Guard me. Protect me. Be the rock that laughs at the wind. Be the rock that deflects the rain. Shield me from the might of Your wrath, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. When the clouds are gone and the rays of the sun are mirrored in the puddles of rain, may I thank You for Your mercy and compassion and may I never rebel from You again. May the rain that soaked me to the bone give life to new growth in my character. Amen.

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