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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
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#3 - Give Me A Nice Church to Attend
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

God, I want a church that will reassure me that I am at the center of the universe. I want a church who will help me feel good about trying to live my daily life as my own god. I want a church where I'm told You just want to make me happy. I want a church who lets me know I can do whatever I want to do, think whatever I want to think, and say whatever I want to say. I want a church who tells me that you just want me to feel loved and comfortable and that you don't care how I live my life. I can't stand those other churches, the churches that challenge me that I am accountable to You for my life. Such churches talk about sin, confession, the cross, salvation, forgiveness, repentance, and all that other _________. Such churches are abusive. They ruin our self-esteem. I know You don't like that either. I know that more than anything else You want us to feel good about ourselves. You expect nothing other than we are to love ourselves. The only people that anger You are the bad people, people like murderers, rapists, terrorists, and those who make others feel uncomfortable about sin. God, give me a church that protects my delicate heart from anything I don't want to hear. Thank you for expecting nothing of me and letting me be my own god. That shows you are the God I want you to be. Amen.

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