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#311 - I Go to Work Everyday
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I thank You for my job. - Help me to have a servant's heart, to do my job and interact with others with a cheerful heart. - Help me to be kind, especially because so many people I work with are hurting. - Help me to be a good listener, compassionate, and empathetic. - Help me to be teachable and to teach, fostering knowledge and expertise among the team. - Help me to do quality work with excellence, never settling for a job I know was less than my best effort. - Help me to discover innovative ideas, new products, new services, and new business processes. - Help me to accomplish my work with maximum efficiency, getting the most accomplished with minimal costs. - Help me to coach and be coachable, fostering good character in the organization. - Help me to protect, defend, and, if needed, rescue my co-workers and customers. - Help me bring joy and light-hearted humor to the work environment, easing stress and tension. - Father, may what I build through my work stand the test of time. May it be beautiful and easy to maintain. - May I transport materials and goods from one place to another in time and without incident or damage. - May I use my communication or artistic skills to speak for those who have trouble speaking for themselves. - May I contribute to the solution for the problems my employer faces. - If I track records and statistics, may I do so with accuracy and thoroughness. - May I provide leadership and vision to my place of work. - Father, if I promote, market, and sell, may I be effective, persuading prospective customers to trust in my employer's business and may I do so with integrity. - Finally, may people who are lost and hurting find hope, meaning, and purpose through their encounter with me, an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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