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#319 - Lending Money - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, someone has asked me to lend them money. Your Word commands us to be generous to all who mourn their rebellious lives and seek You for deliverance. However, Father I believe You have already called me to be generous to others. You have led me to help fund ministries or charities. You have asked me to financially support a project whose purpose is to glorify Your name. You have asked me to invest my time and the funds You have shared with me into a calling You have put on my heart. I simply have no funds left over to give to this person. Father, while I may need to say no to giving them money, I can say yes to helping them find someone who can. I can make some calls. Perhaps I can donate my services and volunteer my time. Perhaps I can share my food or give them a place to sleep. Perhaps I could listen to their broken heart and give them hope that they can depend upon a loving and compassionate God who responds to all who turn to Him. Generosity is not just about money. Amen.

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