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#321 - My Credit Score
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, my credit score is awful. I will not be able to buy anything on credit without paying very high interest rates. I may be rejected credit altogether. This wasn't always the situation. I had good credit before. However, misfortune came into my life. A divorce. A health crisis. An economic downturn. A loved one in financial crisis. Something going on in my personal life has impacted my ability to pay my bills on time or at all. Those who I owe money to have reported me as bad credit. However, our credit score means absolutely nothing when we have surrendered our lives to You. Father, my credit score is not a god. It is not all-powerful. It is not all-seeing. It is not all-loving. It is not all-knowing. My credit score is a grain of sand compared to the vastness of You. Father, if You want me to buy a car, I'll be able to buy a car. If You want me to buy a house, I'll be able to buy a house. You are not restricted, limited, hampered, or bounded by my credit score. You laugh at it. You mock it. If I have surrendered my life to You and I am depending on You to give me what I need, You will provide for me what I need. If I am not depending on You, You might well give my poor credit score power, making my life difficult. Perhaps when I cannot buy anything I need I will then humble myself and surrender my life to You. You will then conquer my credit score. You are a gracious and compassionate God to those who love You. Thank You that You are my hope today. Amen.

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