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#332 - I Have More Money Than I Really Need
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have more money than I really need. Who says that? Is there something wrong with me? Get me a therapist. Get me a financial advisor. Father, I know one thing for sure - You do not want me to place my faith in the money I have in the bank. You'd rather me be penniless and trusting You than for me to be wealthy trusting in money. Father, there is a reasonable amount of money I can tuck away from my future. Yearly expenses. Projected life span. Special projects that will require capital. Accounting for unexpected emergencies. Father, when I calculate all of that, I still have more money than I really need. What do I do with it all? I give it to You. It is, after all, Yours to begin with. Money is never ours. It is always Yours. You allow some to enjoy wealth while others must wrestle with poverty. Pity those who enjoy wealth - it may go to their heads and they think they are their own god. Pity those who are poor - they may worship the god of money as a savior. The wealthy are to be generous to the poor so that the poor can praise You with their testimony of rescue and restoration. Both are obedient to their calling. Father, help me now to be generous to the poor. Where can I best meet their financial needs? Church? Local charities? Is there someone I personally know who needs a financial blessing? Is there an organization who rescued me in the past? A counselor? Is there a brother or sister in Christ who You gave a vision to and they need funding? Is there an important event or a project I can fund for my local community? Can I inspire young people with a scholarship? Can I bless strangers in the moment, buying their groceries and telling them You love them? Father, show me want to do with the money You gave me in excess. Amen.

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