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#337 - My Relationship with Others in Congregation
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You for my home church. Thank You that it is a congregation that fears You. What does that mean? The people know You are the powerful God who will hold us accountable for our lives. You hold our eternal destiny in the palm of Your hand. We seek to obey Your will in all things. Thank You that I attend a church where people will hold me accountable for how I'm living my life. I am to do more for this church than simply attend Sunday services. You are calling me to: - Build relationships in the church. - Share my testimony with my brothers and sisters. - Set an example of a life transformed by the Holy Spirit. - Mentor those less mature in the faith, especially the young people. - Be mentored by those more seasoned in the faith. - Serve the congregation in ministry. - Serve local neighbors in crisis through an outreach ministry. - Support the church financially. Father, help me to do more than to simply attend my church. Make it my ministry. Use me as Your messenger of love. Amen.

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