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#340 - My Church Seems Dysfunctional
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, my church is dysfunctional. There is a lack of spiritual growth. The congregation is not growing and maturing in their faith. I'm not seeing a movement of the Holy Spirit, where the people are becoming more loving, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. There are factions and divisions. We are not being taught to surrender our lives to You. People are not sharing their testimony with one another. All the work is being done by just a few dedicated people in the church. There is no outreach ministry to speak of. Families are leaving the church and there are not new families coming in. Father, I fear that this is true at many churches around the country. I ask that You create a revival that sweeps across this nation. However, that revival needs to begin with me. How can I complain about the spiritual health of my church if I have not surrendered my life to You? How do I try to be my own god each day? How do I doubt You? How do I worship other things? Have I repented? Is the Holy Spirit bearing fruit in my heart? Father, the best thing for me to do for my church is to start living the way I think everyone else should live in the congregation. Help me to be transformed. As people begin to see the transformation of my character, it will be appropriate for me to challenge others in my church family to be transformed as well. May a few others join me in surrendering their lives to You. May others then follow us until a revival sweeps through our church. May our church then bear fruit in the community, setting on fire other churches in the region. May the revival of our region than sweep across America. It all begins with me. Help me to surrender to You this very hour. Amen.

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