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#344 - Bless This Worship Service
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, today we are going to worship. It's what we do every Sunday. It can easily become ritual, tradition, and habit. It can be easy to park in the parking lot, walk in the front door, sing a few worship songs, listen to a sermon, and then get out of dodge and hurry home for a game on television. It is possible to think I've had a worship experience when in fact I've simply played a role in a theatrical production. Father, what is true worship? Coming into the house of God with a spirit of confession and repentance. I have rebelled against the almighty God. I have lived this week as though I could handle things on my own. I have doubted God's character. Other things were more important than God this week. Father, I have sinned. I ask that the precious blood of Jesus Christ pays the price for my rebellion. He died for my rebellion. He lives. God, You have provided for my every need. You have protected me from all kinds of harm. You are awesome. However, I continue to have foolishness in my life. I need You to teach me today. Teach me to surrender. Drive out my rebellion. Bless the pastor's sermon, that I might change. May I have a grateful heart, a heart bursting with thanksgiving for Your many blessings in my life. May I leave this place of worship with a hunger to tell others of the good You have done in my life. May I leave this place wanting to love those who are hurting in Your name. Transform me at church today. Father, may this be my prayer every time I attend church worship service. Amen.

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