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#350 - My Case is Going to Trial
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been charged with a crime and my case is going to trial. Father, You know if I am innocent or guilty. Father, if I am guilty, why am I going to trial? Why didn't I admit my guilt? I am asking witnesses, the legal team, court administrators, the judge, members of the jury, and taxpayers to invest time, money, and effort to try my case simply because I won't own up to what I've done. Father, help me to plead guilty. May the court system then show mercy on me, rewarding me for my honesty. May I have the strength of character to accept the consequences for my crime, especially because there are victims who truly deserve justice. Father, if I am innocent, please defend me in the court system. May the evidence that proves my innocence be presented. May the defense present a persuasive case. May the prosecution's case falter. May the judge rule about evidence and witness testimonies in such a way that my innocence is obvious. May the jury decide that I am innocent. In either case, may this season of adversity drive me to my knees. I am not my own God. Forgive me for ever thinking I was. I surrender to You. Amen.

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