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#351 - I Am in Prison
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, prison is a place where little gods become bigger little gods. It is also a place where those who want to surrender to You must cling to You with all their heart, soul, and mind. There can be no lukewarm believers in this place. They'll quickly succumb to temptation. My life? My cell mate has no interest in me or my relationship with You. He wants to rise in power in the prison. The inmates are in control. They show incredible ingenuity to obtain and maintain power. Gangs in the prison compete for power and dare inmates to prove their loyalty. Prisoners will do anything to impress those in power. Some of the guards would be inmates themselves if they were caught. Everyone is looking for my weakness, how they can take advantage of me. Every step I take is watched, every conversation listened to. Lifers don't care what crime they commit. How can they be punished any further? That's terrifying. It's overcrowded. Prisoner counts and searches all the time. Steel double doors. Cement blocks. The food is boring. Most visiting hours come and go and I'm never visited. My 40-hour a week job pays very little, especially after I pay for court fees and victim restitution. I need to totally surrender to You. I confess I've rebelled from You. I've tried to be my own God. I've worshipped other gods. Please forgive me of my crimes, my sin, and my rebellion. I ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross paid the penalty for my rebellion. Give me the Holy Spirit. I can't survive without Him in this place. Father, bond me with other believers. Bless us with a wonderful prison ministry with godly volunteers from the outside. Father, I need studies in Your Word. I need prayer. I need an education. I need Your protection, protection for my redeemed spirit. Father, have mercy on this prisoner. Amen.

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