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#352 - I Was Pardoned of a Crime
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You. I was pardoned. Forgiven. Set free. Released from chains. I'm in heaven (so to speak). Thank You. You are awesome. Thank You. I can't believe this. This nightmare is over. Thank You. Oh, this is about my salvation. Not about a prison. I've been pardoned of my sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I will not have to be sent to the prison called hell. Father, shouldn't I rejoice? Shouldn't I tell the world? Shouldn't I be bouncing off the walls with excitement? Yes. Yes. Yes. Father, give me a spirit that rejoices every day that I have been forgiven. Father, if I was a prisoner in the legal system and I've been pardoned of my crime, thank You. Thank You. However, I want my real excitement to be my spiritual pardon. May that be what I talk about with everyone. Amen.

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