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#354 - I Am Up for Parole
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I've been in this prison for a long time. I have been fighting the temptation to win the respect of other criminals by exhibiting defiant, rebellious, and criminal behavior. I've taken the other path, the path to reform. I've worked hard in my prison job. I've kept myself from the punishment block. I've gone to school. I've participated in worship services. I've tried to surround myself with prisoners, guards, and prison administrators who want my reform to succeed. I've kept myself from pursuing revenge, even though I've often been taken advantage of. Father, You know my heart. I desire to become a good citizen. I want to contribute good to the local community. I'd also like to share my story with those who may be going down the same path I went down. I'd like to encourage them to change their ways before it is too late. Father, I'm up for parole. I understand the victims and their families may still be bitter with me. They may want me to rot in this hell. However, You know my heart has changed. I ask that You give Yourself honor and glory by using me as an example, both within the prison and in the public, of how You can transform hearts and minds in prison. Father, please lead the parole board to approve my parole. Amen.

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