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#356 - My Felony Remains on My Record
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You for my release from prison. I have returned to the community. There are restrictions on my activities. I am not permitted to associate with those who are formerly incarcerated. I'm not allowed to have certain things in my home. I will be accountable to a parole officer for the remainder of my sentence. I now have a felony on my record. I want to be associated with those who do good works. However, it is those very people who are going to be most suspicious of an ex-con. They didn't make the same choices I did and may not understand the repentance and transformation I have had. Therefore, they don't trust me. Father, I need good and godly people to trust me. I need opportunities to show that I am reformed and that I am a good citizen now. I am a new person, touched by the love of Jesus Christ. Father, give me opportunities to prove that and then help me succeed with them. I need Your help. Left to myself, I will fail and people will doubt I'm a new person. Father, help me to touch other people's lives in Your Son's name. May I be a testimony to Your grace that advances Your Kingdom. Amen.

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